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Mossy Grove tornado: 10 years later | News

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Mossy Grove tornado: 10 years later
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Mossy Grove tornado: 10 years later

The memories are a decade old, but they are as strong as ever for tornado survivors in the small East Tennessee community of Mossy Grove.

On November 10, 2002, seven people in the Morgan County community died when an F3 tornado hit during the late night hours. It was part of an outbreak of tornadoes that evening that killed 16 Tennesseans.

"It's a night none of us here will ever forget," said Pastor Bret Pallotta with the Fellowship Baptist Church in Mossy Grove. This Wednesday, he spoke to his Morgan County congregation about the storm.

"I remember the faith of a lot of people, Christian people," the pastor said. "(I) remember the stories they had to tell."

Stories like Steve Burton's, who lost his home at the time.

"It was all rolled up like a dish rag in the middle of the road. Tore up all to pieces," Burton said.

As he was getting ready to go to church himself, he said he  witnessed the contrast between then and now in the small community.

"It touched a lot of lives, and it made a difference to a lot of people. Well, I'm shell shocked from it," Burton added.

Many moved away after the storm, but some stayed behind, like Burton. They said their faith helped them through then and will help them today as they remember what happened.

"I remember the miracles that God performed. I remember the heavy hearts of the people who lost loved ones, and the tears we weaped together. We'll never forget that time," Pastor Pallotta said.

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