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Step back in time at Historic Rugby Village Pilgrimage | Arts & Culture

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Step back in time at Historic Rugby Village Pilgrimage
Step back in time at Historic Rugby Village Pilgrimage

An event this weekend features a community that blends British and Appalachian heritage.

You have a chance to explore the Historic Rugby Village Pilgrimage.

English gentry founded the town in the 1880s with the goal of creating a classless society.

Michael Harris is the interim Executive Director of the preservation group called Historic Rugby

"It's a living history community. It's a community of people today in the 21st century but we're really living in a place with a great deal of history," Michael Harris said.

A drive through the Morgan County community shows some of the buildings are original historic houses, some are restorations, and some are new but built to look old.

"It's wonderful to be here and wonderful to be a part of this community," Harris said.

Jonell Hester and her husband Harry broke ground on their house in 2003 and moved in to it in 2005

"The house has to look like would have been here for 150 years on the outside. You can do anything you want to on the inside," Jonell Hester explained.

The Hesters chose a victorian motif for the house they call Hester Knolle.

She's an antiquer and a quilter who gives tours of their home in period costume to capture the 1880s feel.

"This is an Oregon lamp. It lets up and down to the height that you need it to be. This is the master bedroom," she explained. "Many of the things we have in the house we bought at auction and estate sales."

That includes 1880s authentic Eastlake furniture.

"The door knobs on all the doors are a little bit lower because they were shorter," she said.

The Historic Rugby Village Pilgrimage this Saturday will offer tours of Hester Knolle and other private homes and museum buildings.

"We have buildings that were built in an architectural style that's different from anything you'll see across the state. There's a lot of history to preserve here," Michael Harris said.

The library was built in the 1880s as part of the original Rugby. A community of volunteers has come together to restore it and preserve it.

"We have this whole community coming together, whether it's the church or Historic Rugby itself, the community members, they all work together to keep this place going," he said.

Jonell Hester said, "We used pine floors but we didn't use the top grade floor. We wanted to see the knots and imperfections in the floor so it would look like it was an old floor."

Her kitchen features wooden counters and antique china. It is a blend of old style with modern appliances.

"And we also have indoor plumbing," she said with a laugh.

Jonell and Harry Hester will take you back in time this Saturday with a tour of their home called Hester Knolle.

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