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Campbell County works on animal shelter issues | News

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Campbell County works on animal shelter issues

One of the only shelters that Campbell County residents have around has run into a problem.

The Campbell County Animal Shelter is not adopting out pets or accepting surrendered cats and dogs right now.

That news has some in the area worried about the future of their shelter.

"From my understanding we have some bills to some veterinarians that have done work on adoptive animals that have not been paid," said Patricia Simpson with the Friends of Campbell County Animals Organization.

It is a shelter that has a bumpy history. They went through a couple of shelter directors over the past few years. After being shut down in 2013, Mike Akin reopened the shelter in August of 2013 and retired February of 2014.

Mayor E.L. Morton took office this September and also took over as shelter director.

"We do not have the best reputation. But we have made leaps in bounds with progress with this shelter," said Simpson.

In the past year, they've improved their adoptions from three a month to about 20 a month, but with growth comes struggles.

"I suggested and commission approved that we suspend adoption operations for now and continue rescue operations," said Mayor E.L. Morton.

The big problem is making sure veterinarians are getting paid to spay and neuter animals before adoption. Messy paperwork is getting in the way. Right now, there is a voucher system that requires a number of steps just to get approved, and some vets have a different idea on how much to charge.

"We are going to streamline as much as possible and see if our $80 is enough to spay and neuter all of our animals, or if there is additional costs associated," said Mayor Morton.

The shelter isn't only suspending adoptions.

"The big concern for me is not actually the lack of adoptions, but the not allowing owner surrenders. My biggest fear is that people that need to surrender their animals have no outlet now and they will just dump those animals," said Simpson.

These are temporary suspensions and the mayor has a goal in mind.

"The next steps are a rescue and adoption program. We absolutely have to have that," said Morton.

Friday, the animal advisory board is meeting with county officials to discuss plans to streamline their problem. Mayor Morton said they could vote on that decision as soon as Monday.


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