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Veteran saved by man's best friend | News

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Veteran saved by man's best friend


There's an unlikely hero in Scott County. A veteran was facing a life or death situation when his dog took off to get help.

When Bill Collins brought Chance back to his nice, quiet home a decade ago, he made sure to train him.

"When I first got him, I just taught him sit, lay down, and leave me alone," said Collins.

Chance has been very obedient.

"He keeps me company," said Collins.

And he is known by all of the neighbors and even their dogs.

"We are here most of the time by ourselves. Once in a while, we get somebody to take him and myself to the store," said Collins.

Collins and Chance spend most of their time together, enjoying each other's company.

"I'll let him out and he even lays around outside," said Collins.

A few months ago, Chance went running up to one one of the neighbor's homes, covered in blood.

"First thing that hit me was that he got run over, then I hollered at him and dragged him by the collar to put him back. When we did put him in the gate, and walked back, then the dog came back. That's when I told Dusty, 'go knock on the door and tell Bill,'" said Lonna Cross, one of the people who found Chance covered in blood.

Dusty then found out why Chance made the visit. He found Bill Collins knocked out on the floor in a pool of his own blood.

"I don't know how long I was laying there. I could have laid there and kept bleeding," said Collins.

Collins tripped on a rug that he had leading from his kitchen to the living room. The fall knocked the already disabled veteran out.

Since Chance was able to find help so soon, the neighbors were able to give Collins the help he needed and a ride to the emergency room, possibly saving his life.

"I was stunned actually," said Collins.

Now, after months of healing, the duo can get back to doing what they enjoy: spending time together in their nice quiet home.


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