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Scott Co. Mayor: Three groups interested in running hospital

Leaders in Scott County are considering talking to a familiar group about running that community's closed hospital.

Scott County's only hospital shut its doors last May. More than 200 people were laid off.

Scott County Mayor Jeff Tibbals announced at a special meeting Monday three groups are now interested in operating the facility. SM Promen, LLC, used to have exclusive negotiating rights with Scott County over the facility, but a deal with them fell through February 28.

Deadline for Scott Co. hospital deal extended to March 1

The deadline for Scott County and SM Promen to reach an agreement for the Scott County hospital has been extended to March 1.

SM Promen, the potential hospital provider has committed to having $2 million in the bank by February 28. President Irving Sawyers says another $1 million is expected, and he says $3 million is needed to run the hospital.

The state's Attorney General's office has said it will sign off on the deal once the company proves it has the money.

SM Promen also committed to a $20,000 check to cover February operating costs for the hospital.

Plans to reopen Scott Co. hospital still unknown

Plans to reopen Scott County's hospital are still up in the air.

Thursday was the deadline for Scott County to reach an agreement with its potential hospital provider, S.M. Promen.

According to Scott County Attorney John Beaty, the county is waiting for S.M. Promen to submit proof it has capital to run the hospital.

In the past, S.M. Promen President Irving Sawyers has mentioned he needs $3 million to run the hospital.

Sawyers said on Thursday that his attorney had not submitted the proof to the Tennessee Attorney General's office yet.

Scott Co. still looking to close deal on hospital

Time is ticking down toward a pivotal deadline to reopen Scott County's only hospital.

Scott County chose S.M. Promen of Tennessee to operate its
hospital in July. Local leaders failed to reach a deal with previous operator, HMA, just before the Scott County Hospital closed in May.

Since S.M. Promen was selected, it has been looking for ways to raise capital in order to operate the hospital. S.M. Promen President Irving Sawyers said his company needs $3 million in order to cover the facility's operations costs.

Another delay for reopening of Scott County Hospital

The effort to reopen the Scott County Hospital has suffered another delay.

It was closed last May after the county could not reach an agreement with HMA, the company that operated the hospital as St. Mary's of Scott County.

Community leaders hoped to see it open by the beginning of the new year, but Scott County Mayor Jeff Tibbals says the timeline for transfering ownership of the building to the new operators is still in limbo

State to review Scott hospital deal by Dec 31

For many of the 213 employees who lost their jobs with the Scott County Hospital last May, this holiday season is a struggle.

"It's stressful, you try to stretch every penny," says former ER
Nurse Floyd Hutson, who started drawing unemployment benefits six months

It was the first time in his 45-year career.

He and several of his former colleagues say they're trying to hang on and wait for the hospital to reopen.

The Tennessee Attorney General's Office still needs to review the transfer of the hospital to the new operator, SM Promen.

Flu vaccines available for uninsured children

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Children covered by TennCare and children without insurance that covers the flu vaccine can get vaccinated at county health department clinics for only a small administrative fee.

The Tennessee Health Department says children will not be turned away if parents cannot afford the fee.   The flu vaccine is especially important for people at high risk for serious illness or death from influenza, which includes young children.