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The future of fracking in East Tennessee

(WBIR - Knoxville) The debate over fracking continues in East Tennessee as UT moves forward with its proposal to bring the controversial energy extraction process to the Cumberland Forest.

The University of Tennessee has considered the idea of fracking the 8,300-acre Cumberland Forest, which lays in Morgan and Scott Counties, since at least 2001. But, the process is not new to Tennessee.

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Morgan Co. man caught with gun at airport

A Morgan County man is facing charges, after he took a loaded semi-automatic handgun gun to the airport.

Transportation safety officials found the gun Tuesday inside a carry-on bag at the security checkpoint at McGhee Tyson Airport.

The gun's owner, Bobby York, told officers he was flying to Orlando and forgot the gun was in his bag.

York was cited for carrying a weapon with the purpose of going armed.

TSA officials also confiscated a loaded pistol yesterday at the Memphis International Airport.

Scott County kids celebrate DARE graduation

Dozens of elementary students in Scott County enjoyed a celebration they've earned.

The Scott County Sheriff's Office held a graduation ceremony and cookout for students who completed the DARE program.

The students performed their version of the pop song Starships, re-written using DARE lyrics.  They also enjoyed a little fun entertainment from a professional magician.

The DARE program is aimed at teaching children to make good choices, and avoid drugs and alcohol.

Relocated black bear numbers soar in Big South Fork

Scientists say black bears are making a strong comeback on the plateau in Tennessee thanks to a family tree with roots in the Great Smoky Mountains.

USGS research ecologist and UT adjunct professor Joe Clark says the bears' current success started with an experiment a couple of decades ago.

"Well, you know bears were here a long time before we were," said Clark.  "They are an important part of the ecosystem and we have worked to replace this extricated species."

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"American Ride" films at Norris Dam

Film crews were busy working beside Norris Dam Monday afternoon.

BYU-TV Network, operated by Bringham Young University, dropped by the historic site.

The network is filming part of an episode for a show called American Ride.  The show follows a Harley-Davidson riding history teacher who explores the nation's past.

American Ride host Stan Ellsworth breaks the mold of stereotypical history teachers.  His passionate narrative is unscripted. 

Falling tree strikes and kills Briceville man

A Briceville man was killed while cutting down trees on a Campbell County property Friday morning.

The accident happened on Sharp Lane in Caryville shortly before 9:30 a.m. According to Campbell County Sheriff's Office, Calvin L. Daughtery, 60, was cutting down trees when one one of them fell and hit another tree. The top of the tree broke away and struck Daughtery in the head.

Lifestar flew Daughtery to UT Medical Center, where doctors said he died from head injuries.

Namesake: No Business in Scott County

To navigate to one of the most isolated places nestled in the hills of Big South Fork, you have to drive for several miles on narrow dirt roads, cross a creek bed that is a couple of feet deep, and then hike an additional mile on foot. 

When you finally reach the clearing between the creeks and the cliffs, the only thing you will find other than an open meadow is a large chimney and stone remnants of a now nullified neighborhood named "No Business."