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Hollywood animator inspires kids in East Tennessee

Some Scott County kids got a special treat on Friday, straight from Hollywood!

The man behind a pretty well-known kids show visited students in Oneida, showing off his talents to an appreciative audience at both the high school and elementary school.

Bob Boyle created Nickelodeon's animated series "Wow Wow Wubbzy".

Boyle talked to the kids about his work, how he got into animation, and how they could do the same.

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School district opts not to implement new gun law

At Campbell County High School, school resource officers keep the campus under close watch even after hours.

They know all too well how a shooting can devastate your school. In 2005, they lost their vice principal and two other administrators still live with the consequences.

Late last year, they got another reminder in the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre.

Christmas Inn sign along I-75 removed

An East Tennessee highway landmark is no more.

A large sign depicting a Christmas tree was removed Thursday at the former site of the Christmas Inn.

The sign has stood for nearly 40 years along I-75 in Campbell County.

It was removed to make way for a Holiday Inn Express at the Caryville exit.

Oneida organization gives away $16M in goods per year

Folks who are down on their luck often turn to churches or other non-profits for assistance.

Those groups have a resource that helps them help others.

Clients show up every 20 minutes, three days a week, at a warehouse in Oneida in Scott County. Donny Morrow is usually there volunteering.

"This organization really helps a lot of people and our county is pretty poor right now with the unemployment rate and stuff so it gets to help a lot of people," Donny Morrow said.

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Man arrested for taking gun inside Morgan Co. Courthouse

A man was arrested Thursday for trying to take a gun inside the Morgan County Courthouse, according to the sheriff's office.

Officials say a security officer discovered the gun in Johnny Swint's back pocket after a metal detector went off.

The courthouse has had new security measures in place for the past two weeks. The public is now restricted to one entrance, and everyone must pass through a metal detector to enter.

Swint told deputies he was going to the courthouse to file paperwork.

The future of fracking in East Tennessee

(WBIR - Knoxville) The debate over fracking continues in East Tennessee as UT moves forward with its proposal to bring the controversial energy extraction process to the Cumberland Forest.

The University of Tennessee has considered the idea of fracking the 8,300-acre Cumberland Forest, which lays in Morgan and Scott Counties, since at least 2001. But, the process is not new to Tennessee.

Morgan Co. man caught with gun at airport

A Morgan County man is facing charges, after he took a loaded semi-automatic handgun gun to the airport.

Transportation safety officials found the gun Tuesday inside a carry-on bag at the security checkpoint at McGhee Tyson Airport.

The gun's owner, Bobby York, told officers he was flying to Orlando and forgot the gun was in his bag.

York was cited for carrying a weapon with the purpose of going armed.

TSA officials also confiscated a loaded pistol yesterday at the Memphis International Airport.